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Hear Greg Play

Hear our company founder Greg Lutz play piano, saxophone, and other woodwinds on his original compositions

“Playing and composing music has been a cornerstone of my life for over 30 years. I hope you enjoy listening to these recordings as much as I enjoyed making them.” ~Greg Lutz

All our educational products are created by our company founder,  who believes that only those who “can do” should teach.  In addition to his educational career, Greg is a composer and arranger, multi-instrumentalist, and sound recording engineer.

We hope you enjoy these samples of Greg performing his original compositions.

“The Excuse” on tenor and piano:


“Red Stop Green Go” on soprano and piano:


“Cuppa Joe”on clarinet and piano:


“Mayberry Blues” tenor in a sax quartet:


“Long Road Home” on alto, all horns,  keys, programming:


“Urban Sprawl” on all saxes, trumpets, ‘bones, piano, programming:


“Grits-n-Gravy” on all saxes, trumpets, ‘bones, piano, programming:


“Three Ships” on piano:


“Traffic ‘Jam'” on many funky flutes:


“Rainbow’s End” on all clarinets/ bass clarinet:


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